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Perfect for school going children

Yachties is a great way to learn to sail for school children
It's Fun, It's Safe and It's Affordable!

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    Your kids will love Yachties, a fun, games based, introduction to sailing. Equipment & boats provided, no sailing experience required.

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    Kids learn to sail by playing all sorts of games and going on adventures together, exploring the sailing area and surrounding shore.

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    Yachties is a non competitive sailing program, designed for school children, based on fun participation, run by Internationally accredited instructors.

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Learn to Sail withYachties learn to sail program Youth Sailing Program
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    Rounding the Windward Mark
    Monday, 11 February 2019
    Most sailors think hard about the start, and consider upwind speed and playing windshifts, but often the process of... Read More...
    Sailing The Windward Beat Fast
    Monday, 11 February 2019
    Speed is very important on the first beat because your competitors are all so close together. By going fast, you can... Read More...
    Recovering from a Poor Start
    Monday, 21 January 2019
    Great starts are the stuff that dreams are made of. But when the occasional nightmare start sabatoges your plans, there... Read More...
    Perfecting your Dinghy Sailing Starts
    Tuesday, 15 January 2019
    A good start in dinghy sailing can be crucial to a good result and whilst races are not won on the startline, they can... Read More...
    Spring School Holiday Sailing Camp
    Monday, 27 August 2018
    With spring just around the corner and the sailing season open at Theewater Sports Club, the Sailing Academy welcomes... Read More...