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learn to sail kidsKIDS + BOATS = FUN

Learning to sail with your friends at Yachties is all about having fun with other kids, playing lots of games and going on adventures together.  At Yachties, our playground is the beach or the dam, we are not bound by walls and fences, like you are on a tennis court or soccer field.

Your Yachties Instructors will teach you how to sail while making sure that you are having loads of fun!  At Yachties you learn to sail in a group, you will sail with other kids in the boat, having fun and learning to sail together.

Learning to sail with Yachties is all about having a great time with your friends and other kids!  When you join Yachties, you will get a Yachties Crew pack and at the end of each level you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Your Yachties Checklist

Each time you go to Yachties, make sure you have the following:

  • Clothes and shoes that will keep you warm on cold days that you can remove when it gets warmer.
  • A spare set of clothes and shoes for when you come off the water.
  • A towel to dry yourself off after a swim.
  • Hat and sunscreen to protect you from the sun.
  • Cooldrink and snacks to keep you going through the afternoon.
  • And a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm!